Here's Another Meme

07 21 21

I made another meme! Have fun giggling over it.

Eat This Meme

07 21 21

What You Got? I Got Swat(ch)

07 19 21

I went to Italy and got a Swatch. Yay.

NEW: DoggoBlog

07 19 21

Now that we have the doggo, I can start a DoggoBlog. I shall post weekly unless I am unable to or too lazy (I hope it's door #1 but it's probably the latter lol) I am going to start it later. lol. VISIT THE DoggoBlog at https://jonkoo.com/doggoBlog!

The Actual Return of the Doggo

07 19 21

The doggo... is here! We got him a teepee. He's basically made it his den. At first he couldn't sleep, he was afraid that when he woke up, we would be gone... (at least that's what my mom thinks) lol

The Return of the Doggo

06 30 21

Our doggo, my logo and basically what my website is dedicated to, might be coming back to us! So, here's the story: We left him in Asia for our grandparents to care for him. But now, the US is prohibiting dogs from over a hundred countries from coming to the US, and the country he's in is one of them. So if we don't bring him now... he's never coming again. (Probably.)

Mobile Optimization

06 18 21

Okay, so a lot of mobile users have been bugging me to optimize jonkoo.com for mobile screens. So I decided to do it! Now, if your screen width is less than 600px, you will die it will redirect you to the mobile webpage. I am planning to change the method from a redirecting to a whole different page to adding elements and changing the CSS.

Back to from Cali(fornia)

06 17 21

We're back from California. Yay. :) We had tons of fun :) I went to Legoland :) I should stop using smiley faces :)

Back to Cali(fornia)

06 12 21

Whoo-hoo. At 16:00 CST, we're going to San Diego! That's so fun! We'll be going to P***** L****, S** W****, and staying at *********** hotel! (lol) (note: i don't actually know which hotel we're staying at)

Timestamp Thingy

06 06 21

I forgot to mention. I added times. Yeah.


05 06 21

Yesterday (or two days ago, idk), Lord Technodoggo released Hangman. It's basically normal hangman except that it has *amusing* ASCII Art and gives random insults if you die :)
You can access it at hangman executor, or by going to the homepage and finding it under games!

Jonkoo.com 2.1 bugfixes

27 05 21

Lord Technodoggo has made jonkoo.com better with many things I do not care to list. Oh, wait, I do care. List of updated features:

  • Back and forward buttons to the reviews
  • Made spacito translator look better
  • Fixed spelling error (copypright)
  • Fixed misplaced modifier (Used in over 20 countries and 30 states, you'll give you so much frivolous fun you'll never ever want to leave! Whoever said that you were used in 20 countries?)

Aunaex 2.0 To Be Released

26 05 21

Today, Lord Technodoggo announces that Aunaex 2.0 will usurp Aunaex as the directory bot and give Zarvox a sad face. Aunaex 2.0 will be released on Memorial Day 2021 (Monday, May 31st, 2021) at noon in Pacific Standard Time. (I hope I can do it on that date lol)

Wandering Trader Looks Down on LTNDX

BREAKING NEWS: A random wandering trader LOOKS DOWN on LTNDX! How dare he? I usually like them, but this freaking one looked down on me!

A Comic

I drew this comic today. I actually said it in the car during a trip. The text is kind of hard to see, so you might need to click it.

Accepting Reviews!

I am now accepting reviews! Please send a (positive) review to technodoggo@alphabets.me, with your message text and the name you would like to sign it with!

Extremely Cute Baby Mooshroom

I came across this incredibly adorable illustration of a baby mooshroom from Minecraft! Credits to u/idkthewords!

Monsieur Dogeius Back After Nearly One Week of Absence

BREAKING NEWS: Monsieur Dogeius is welcomed back into the community after a 5 or 6 day break.

New Logo

Wow! Such cool! New logo! Wowww. Alright, let's cut the doge talk.
Jonkoo.com now has a new logo. I like it more than the old one - t'was weird. Some sort of pixelated doggo. It looked unprofessional. This one is here to stay (I hope); I am sure hope that I won't need to replace it soon.

2-minute Internet Outage

The internet died at Technodoggo's house. For, like, two whole minutes. Wow.

Photosenstive Viewers, Beware

The color feature has been added. It can be turned on with the button in the navbar section. It causes the title text to flash random colors at a high rate of speed. NOT reccommended for photosensitive viewers.

Thalia's birthday!

This Saturday is Thalia's birthday! (Thalia is a friend of mine.)

Kite Flying

A couple days ago, we went kite flying (whatever that meant). It was pretty windy. We got a squid kite and a rainbow kite, but the rainbow one kept crashing.

Photo Privacy

Hey! Now I can post my photos here because I made this image that I can stick over my face to protect my identity!

Index redesign!

The main page is being redesigned by, well, me, Lord Technodoggo X. I'd gotten complaints that it was too bright and contrasting, and it felt disorganized, so I decided once and for all to redesign it!